When scheduling your flight home

When scheduling your flight home after the cruise, be sure to take into account disembarking time from the ship and local transportation time to the airport. Leave plenty of time because some local airports may not be as sophisticated as those you might be used to. And in today’s world, security will make it even longer to board your flight for your cruise travel. You should arrive at least a day before the cruise vacation, especially if you are flying a long distance to pick up the ship. That way, you can rest up and be ready to enjoy every moment of your cruise. You get the added benefit of not having to worry about a delayed or cancelled flight, causing you to miss the cruise. This was the best cruise tip I have learned over the years. When you are flying to your cruise vacation you will have to consider baggage weight. Generally there are no restrictions on how much luggage you can take aboard ship, but do remember that if your cruise vacation involves a flight, airlines have their own baggage allowance restrictions. These vary on scheduled flights, depending on airline and route. Please note that the allowance may be less on international flights. When flying from New Zealand back to Miami after our millennium cruise vacation, Quanta’s airline was very strict about weight and charged us because we were over. The cruise lines will generally supply you with its luggage tags which will be in addition to your personal ID tags. The luggage tags will be included with your cruise documents which normally arrive 2-3 weeks before your cruise vacation. Here are some cruise tips we have learned through our cruise travel.

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On the flip side of cruise excursions

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